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Environmental Remediation for Technology Company

A Twenty Year Partnership with a Leading Technology Company

San Francisco Bay Area, California

For over two decades we’ve assisted this client, a major technology company, developing and implementing remediation and management programs throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Currently we’re at work on nine different sites.

Our team is responsible for the assessment, remedy selection, design, construction, operation and maintenance of remediation programs that address historical releases of solvents to soil and groundwater. These programs have reduced environmental liabilities, protected property values, and increased public goodwill. Our client is at the forefront of technological innovation, and so are we. Rather than stick to the same old methods, we achieved regulatory closure status at several sites by transitioning the remedy from active measures such as pump and treat to more innovative and lower cost remedies such as ERD and/or MNA, where appropriate.

We also provide operation, maintenance and monitoring services through a single consolidated program under a target price risk and reward contract basis. Since 1999, we’ve cut costs by 40 percent through improved efficiency, cost reducing technologies, and negotiating reductions in work scope with the regulatory agencies. 

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