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Fairfax County Open-End Contract Support for Stream Restoration

Helping to continually improve streams, stormwater drainage, dams, lakes, ponds, parks, and trails

Fairfax County, Virginia

We all know that urbanization, while expanding the amenities and value of our communities, can also take a toll on the surrounding land and water. This is particularly apparent in the fast growing area of Northern Virginia, where sources of water are continually requiring assessment and support as they adjust to the new improvements taking place on, in and around them. 

We are the prime contractor on a basic ordering agreement with Fairfax County Department of Public Works and Environmental Services to provide stabilization and restoration services to various streams throughout the County. Our talented staff have, and continue to, provide stream assessment, stream restoration design, wetland creation design, flood mitigation strategies, ecological and threatened and endangered species services, and public outreach and public presentations for various County projects on an on-call basis – all tasks and projects are designed and engineered with the local community and environment in mind

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