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FEMA Production and Technical Services (PTS) Contract

Creating more resilient communities

Nationwide, United States

Stantec supports the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) mission of producing quality data that promotes community action against natural and manmade hazards. Starting with the map modernization program and now the Risk MAP program, our work results in increased community resilience, allowing areas to rebound faster when struck by disasters. We produce regulatory and non-regulatory products, such as flood insurance rate maps, flood insurance studies, depth and analysis grids, and many others to help communities become more aware of their specific risk.

We then assist throughout the mitigation planning life-cycle to help identified actions become reality. Together, our network of engineers, geographic information system professionals, surveying and mapping teams, and risk communication specialists provide integrated solutions for local officials that directly lead to the reduction of life and property loss in the face of disasters.

Our responsibilities include hydraulic and hydrology studies, post-flood community risk evaluation, re-delineation of detailed studies, water resources engineering, framework data development, and flood hazard data updates for riverine, lake and shallow flooding areas, mountainous and coastal terrain, levees, dams, and flood control structures. Our team of experts provides support to FEMA headquarters, as well as regional management support to Regions I, V, VII, and X.

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