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Fresno State University - Student Union Feasibility Study

Planning campus improvements

Fresno, California

Fresno State University has over 24,000 students, over 270 clubs, a student government, and a number of other social organizations. Unfortunately, the campus is struggling to provide the necessary spaces that would meet the needs and expectations of—as well as support—today's students, faculty, and staff.

We were called in to complete a feasibility study for a new Student Union and Faculty Development Center on campus. This study included a three-day discovery workshop that would identify the needs and desires of the campus, evaluate and analyze the campus for the best possible sites, and then complete a building test-fit that would narrow down the options to one site.

Focus group discussions and visual listening exercises yielded feedback and informed a preliminary project program. With this information, we held a series of meetings that honed the building program. The program was then shared with the university and is currently awaiting fundraising.

If funded, this plan will create a unique opportunity for Fresno State University to combine their various populations in a single building, providing many opportunities and activities to serve the campus.

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