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Former Petroleum Facility Remediation

Repairing a history of contamination


No job is ever easy – if it was, we’d be out of a job – but some are simpler than others. That wasn’t the case for this location, which used to house petroleum bulk plants and distribution facilities dating back to the early 1900s. Adding to the complications, the site is located between an apartment complex and a tributary to the San Francisco Bay, so we needed to locate the problems and take care of them as fast as possible and with little room for error.

The buildings on the site were constructed over a hundred years ago by Tidewater Petroleum. We’ve successfully managed several Tidewater sites, and based on our past success we were asked to tackle this project. We assessed the site using a range of techniques and then conducted three pipeline and soil removals, taking out product laden pipelines and over 20,000 tons of impacted soil. Safety is always our priority, but with a fully occupied apartment complex right next door it was even more important than ever. We’re very proud to say that we completed the job without an OSHA recordable incident or a single public complaint.

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