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Former Ship Repair Facility

Protecting aquatic life in Puget Sound

Puget Sound, Washington

The aquatic life in Washington State’s Puget Sound is facing serious challenges due to contamination. Home to over 200 different fish species, including salmon, 100 sea bird species, and 13 types of marine mammals such as orca whales and harbor seals, the Puget Sound region is the second largest estuary in the United States. However, urbanization, drastic population growth, toxic chemicals, and polluted stormwater are threatening the natural habitat of Puget Sound’s aquatic life. Stantec is assisting a former operator of a boat repair and manufacturing facility and the State of Washington to help restore the waters of Puget Sound.

With a contaminated site just 200 feet from Puget Sound, we are helping our client determine if their site has the potential to contaminate the greater Puget Sound. As part of the larger, state wide Puget Sound conservation initiative, we are leading an overall site contamination evaluation and our engineers are exploring the hydrogeological connection between groundwater and Puget Sound. In order to execute an effective cleanup plan, we need to determine if a site has contaminated soils and if the contamination is slowly leaching into the groundwater.

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