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GoMentum Station Connected Vehicle (CV) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Program

The future of transportation

Concord, California

Miles of traffic. Vehicle accidents. Distracted driving. These scenarios may be part of today’s reality, but we’re working to make them a thing of the past.

We partnered with Contra Costa Transportation Authority to develop a Connected Vehicle (CV) and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) program around GoMentum Station—a 5,000-acre former naval weapons facility. Collaborating with more than 25 private and public sector entities—from auto makers to technology and communications firms—we developed and tested these technologies for future use.

The goal? Transform the way people and goods are moved. First, by CV cars that will seamlessly communicate with each other to maximize safety and mobility, and later by AV cars that can drive themselves.

This will create a safer, more efficient system than human drivers. These technologies will help create jobs and economic opportunities while significantly reducing fuel consumption and emissions—directly benefitting the environment.

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