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Green Infrastructure: Reservoir Pollution Reduction

Incorporating green infrastructure to capture and treat stormwater

Columbus, Ohio

Green infrastructure, providing a host of passive water treatment strategies, is helping Columbus protect its raw drinking water supply. Previously, untreated stormwater was flowing directly into the city’s three surface water reservoirs. The city’s decision to explore low impact capture and treatment methods now helps protect crucial water supply sources and provides the community an educational resource.

Our team evaluated 28 sites around the three reservoirs and identified creative infrastructure improvements to capture and treat stormwater runoff. The final designs consist of various best management practices, such as bio-retention basins, bio-swales, infiltration trenches, pervious concrete, pervious pavers, level spreaders, vegetated buffers, and shoreline protection. All the vegetated areas were landscaped with native vegetation specific to each reservoir.

The Glick Park at O’Shaughnessy site was tapped as the project showpiece site. Well used as a trail for fishermen and by visitors enjoying river views, this was an ideal location to install green infrastructure improvements, and provide an educational opportunity for the community. 

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