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Herondo Street/Harbor Drive Gateway Park and Cycle Track

Actively enhancing accessibility, safety, and aesthetics

Redondo Beach, California
  • Transportation Infrastructure Engineering

Designing a link from the Hermosa Beach “Strand” to Redondo Beach’s Marina District complex not only improves accessibility for bicyclists and pedestrians, it will also  allow for aesthetic and safety enhancements. With Stantec’s full in-house capabilities—civil engineering and topographic surveys, traffic engineering and planning, and landscape architecture—we collaborated closely with the City to realize an important community connection and improve two important roadways in the City of Redondo Beach.

To save time and costs, we used our previously prepared pavement engineering designs for the roadway rehabilitation plans alongside the separated bikeway (cycle track) and new Welcome Park. We also prepared concept drawings through final plans; performed traffic analysis, road diet simulation, and field surveys; and provided conceptual visualization, cycle track design, and pavement rehabilitation.

As an added benefit to the City, we advocated for and ultimately designed a Welcome Park, replacing the existing wall that encumbered the bicycle link between Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. The new Welcome Park affected the existing parking capacity—something we had considered in our overall design. To maintain or exceed the current level of parking in the coastal area, coupled with the typical large harbor vehicles, the improvements were designed within strict geometric constraints. We implemented a cycle track and increased the number of parking stalls by providing reverse angle parking to allow drivers better visibility to the approaching cyclist.

We also played a key role in stakeholder and commission meetings, along with several public workshops to resolve any concerns. Our team’s ability to interface with the public and express technical information using visualization tools was critical in garnering public support for and understanding of the new bicycle friendly transportation link. 

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