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Hunlock Power Station Repowering

Maximizing output while minimizing impact: How we brought a plant from coal to natural gas and almost tripled its output

Hunlock Creek, Pennsylvania

Maximizing assets, getting more from less, and keeping up with market demand for cleaner energy generation. Those were the key issues the Hunlock Power Station Repowering project needed addressed and they chose Stantec to help deliver the project.

Originally a 44 megawatt coal fired power plant, the Hunlock Power Station’s output and method of generation were no longer sufficient. Stantec was selected to repower the facility, taking it from a coal burning facility, to a clean burning natural gas combined cycle plant, with 125 megawatts of capacity. In equivalent terms, the Hunlock facility went from producing power for 9,750 homes with coal, to providing power for 27,075 homes with clean burning natural gas.

Our work helped increase the amount of energy available to the community, while eliminating the need for coal and greatly reducing emissions.

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