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The Huntington’s Education and Visitors Center

Efficient, elegant, and economical

San Marino, California

Integrate light in a way that enhances the architectural vision, delivers on sustainability goals and offers long term operational savings – that was the challenge faced by the lighting design team. Working alongside the architectural team and Huntington staff, a collaborative process resulted in the design of an advanced lighting system.

The complex is comprised of three separate buildings and variety of spaces including classrooms, meeting rooms, dining and food service, archive storage, exhibit/multipurpose, a lecture hall, ticketing, and retail. The lighting design solution had to respond to the specific purpose of each space. Lighting choices respond to each unique function, but also work together to form a cohesive aesthetic. Visualization software enabled the team to model each space to confirm light levels and to verify conformance with performance criteria.

The design came in on budget and—due largely to the digital infrastructure they created for the control system—provides outstanding energy savings of 20% below Title 24 regulations.

This is a project that accomplishes its stated goals but more than that, through partnership of lighting design and architecture delivers a unique visitor experience.

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