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I-95 Express Toll Lane - Section 100

Increasing safety, reducing traffic congestion

Baltimore, Maryland

The 2011 Urban Mobility Report indicated that Baltimore commuters averaged 52 hours of delay. In a master planning study, the Maryland Transportation Authority (MTA) designated Section 100 of Highway I-95 in Baltimore City and County as a project designed to improve access, mobility, and safety for travelers. Stantec lead a joint venture that provided comprehensive engineering/design services for Segment 1 of the reconstruction and addition of Express Toll Lanes for this award-winning project.

Timing was critical. Stantec’s team prepared design on an accelerated basis for the first contract and received a letter of appreciation from the client for the achievement. The traffic lanes were to be open during construction, which was a challenge. The team’s phased Traffic Control Plan sequenced the timing of construction and traffic control schemes, which facilitated this requirement.

A key to meeting the project schedule was the team’s ability to identify permit requirements and work with the client and numerous regulatory agencies. Stantec’s scientists worked closely with designers to minimize impacts to wetlands and to create documentation to help MTA comply with permit requirements.

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