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Innisfree Village Farm – Mitigation Bank Program

Environmental and financial gains

Albemarle, Virginia

Putting people first. It’s a core value shared by Stantec and Peter Traverse, the current Farm Manager for Innisfree Village Farm (IVF), a non-profit residential community for adults with intellectual disabilities. To help sustain the program offered at the community, Peter needed to generate additional income for an endowment—something that would create scholarships for the residents with financial need. We developed a creative use for the organization’s land with the Innisfree Stream Mitigation Bank.

Housed on the IVF grounds, the site is part of an environmental living classroom for all ages. The project included improvements to wildlife habitat, water quality, and riparian ecosystems. Livestock was removed from all waterbodies and invasive species treated and replaced with native woody and herbaceous species.

Future financial gains will create over 30,000 stream credits and generate millions of dollars to help fund the endowment. Roughly 17,000 credits have been released to date.

A conservation easement currently held by the Virginia Outdoors Foundation was also coordinated and recorded on a portion of the property. This easement generates additional stream credits and protects key watershed areas of the property forever—another opportunity to help the environment and sustain the IVF community.

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