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I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility

Using smarter transportation systems to tackle 20,000 vehicle-hours of delay

San Francisco, California

We’re bringing smart traffic solutions to one of the busiest highways in one of the country’s biggest metropolitan areas. Over 300,000 cars drive this route every day and congestion causes 20,000 hours of delay.

The I-80 integrated corridor mobility project will bring operational improvements and implement Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) strategies, such as adaptive ramp metering and incident management, from the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Toll Plaza to the Carquinez Bridge. The project will utilize ITS technologies on freeways and arterials to enhance the efficiency of the existing transportation network. This will result in a balanced, responsive, and equitable system that will monitor traffic, and improve the safety and mobility of the users. Proposed systems will include hardware, software, ITS devices, computer, and communication technologies that make transportation systems operate more efficiently and safely and provide users with real-time traffic and transit information. As part of this project, Stantec will work with Caltrans and 13 local cities and agencies to establish a communication network between transportation centers and field devices.

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