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John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant - Technical Assistance

You can’t taste the difference between bottled water and this tap water

Marlborough, Massachusetts
Barrientos, Wu & Associates

After completing a number of successful technical assistance contracts for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), Stantec was selected for a similar contract at the Carroll Treatment Plant, providing a wide range of engineering services on an as-needed basis to ensure smooth operation of this new facility. Beginning its operations in 2005, the facility treats drinking water for 2.3 million people in 41 metropolitan Boston communities, from Arlington to Boston, Swampscott to Quincy. The plant’s capacity is 275 MGD average and 405 MGD peak.

In a lab analysis and taste test conducted by the local newspaper, MWRA's tap water was compared with various bottled waters. Participants in the taste test, including panelists with sophisticated palates, all agreed that there was essentially no difference between bottled water and the MWRA tap water.

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