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Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge

Restoring land for endangered species

Chiloquin, Oregon

The Klamath basin has lost 80 percent of its original wetlands, and we’re working hard to bring back homes for vital native plants and animals. We recently completed a concept design and report to restore 8,000 acres in a formerly anastomosing meadow, located in the heart of the Klamath Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. When implemented, the project will restore nearly 20 percent of the reserve, significantly increasing habitat values for numerous threatened or endangered species of plants.

Our plan creates three miles of single thread river channel with approximately 50 to 70 miles of side channels for fish rearing, while removing numerous fish passage barriers. Due to the wet conditions associated with this marsh complex, we investigated the use of heavy equipment and specialized demolitions to eventually guarantee the implementation of the design regardless of standing surface water.

With a little creative thinking we can protect one of nature’s most incredible places.

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