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Levee Rehabilitation and Roadway Raising and Drainage Projects

Homes and businesses protected by reconstructed levee

Elba, Minnesota

Notorious for flooding, the Whitewater River overtopped the existing levee in 2007 and caused severe damage to Elba, Minnesota. Taking preventive measures to ensure the safety of Elba, we diverted stormwater flows around the city’s levee system, and designed a ponding system and stormwater lift station to pump stormwater runoff generated within the levee system.

We also stabilized 300 foot segment of the Whitewater River streambank and a 30 foot high by 800 foot long roadway embankment overlooking the river. Stantec included water quality treatment of diverted stormwater flows using a stormwater quality structure in combination with an infiltration trench, sluice gates within culverts crossing under the levee, geogrid reinforced soil roadway embankments, and stormwater interception trenches along the base of area bluffs. 

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