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Logan International Airport - Runway 4L-22R Rehabilitation

Creatively improving safety and efficiency at New England’s largest airport

Boston, Massachusetts

Our initial analysis for the rehabilitation of Runway 4L-22R found that the overall pavement condition was inconsistent along the entire 7,500 foot length, with some areas experiencing more deterioration than others and other areas experiencing severe rutting caused by heavy aircraft operations. Our challenge was to come up with a rehabilitation plan to extend the life of the runway, but also to minimize construction impact on airport operations.

Working collaboratively with Massport, our team developed a replacement pavement with two unique rut and fuel resistant bituminous pavement mixtures that eliminated the rutting resulting from the high volume of heavy aircraft queuing for takeoff. This solution also prevented cracking from extreme winter and summer temperatures. To minimize operational delays and meet the project's urgent time frame, we developed a fast track, section-by-section and day-by-day method for managing the excavation and construction with team members in the field who were prepared to address all problems and issues as soon as they were uncovered.

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