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Lost Creek Mitigation Bank Design

Preserving our wetlands near transmission lines

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Stantec staff led geomorphologic, hydrogeologic, soil, hydrologic, and wetland assessments during pre-design studies to evaluate soil, groundwater, and surface water interactions along a highway. To evaluate site specific groundwater response to the restoration, Stantec worked with hydrologists from UW-Stevens Point to complete a groundwater model that included a multi-year groundwater monitoring program consisting of 15 shallow observation wells and automated data loggers. 

Stantec lead a multidiscipline team and completed a final design plan that included a diverse wetland complex involving two miles of naturalized stream channel to replace low quality drainage ditch habitat. Stantec also completed a landscaping plan that included a diverse mix of riparian, forested wetland, wet meadow, shallow marsh, and upland prairie habitats. Public ownership of the site allowed for multiple recreational uses and open space preservation near a rapidly urbanizing area.

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