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LeTourneau Road Emergency Repair Project

Immediate response in emergency situations

Vicksburg, Mississippi

In the wake of the Mississippi River flooding in 2008, LeTourneau Road suffered massive damage that nearly rendered the only access to the road to LeTourneau impassable. The flood had damaged approximately 6,100 feet of roadway, and the shoulder and half of the westbound lane had been lost. The emergency portion of our project re-established the roadway’s eastbound lane.

Two additional projects followed this emergency repair. The second project was funded by the Emergency Watershed Program. An additional 10 feet of shoulder on the downstream side of the road (eastbound lane) was constructed. The roadway embankment slope was stabilized with rip-rap to prevent damage during future flood events. The third project consisted of paving the re-constructed eastbound lane and the newly constructed 10 foot shoulder.

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