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Manchester Main Street Revitalization

Function junction

Manchester, Vermont

Manchester, Vermont has evolved into a major retail center with visitors constantly traveling to its dining, recreation, and shopping destinations. This influx of tourists stretched the town’s resources, and the infrastructure was beginning to show signs of overuse.

The downtown historic district had become congested, largely by the poor operations located on Main Street. Traffic issues and the challenging configuration of intersections had reached such proportions that it had been nicknamed “Malfunction Junction,” by locals and visitors alike.

This revitalization project fosters a sense of downtown culture and addresses traffic congestion, pedestrian safety, and deteriorating historic features. The roundabouts define a downtown gateway that provides easier access to local businesses.

Once completed, the community held a festival to celebrate the new downtown-scape, selling “Function Junction” t-shirts to residents. The community is now proud of their downtown area due to its ease and beauty, and we’re glad to have been the creative mind behind its successes.

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