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Marin Country Day School

Brighter minds, better future

Corte Madera, California

In a school that mixes traditional academics (math, art, science, languages) with progressive techniques (Aikido, health and wellness), it only made sense that the building get progressive too. Marin Country Day School is committed to creating a better future through excellent education, so sustainable engineering aligns pretty well with their foundational goals.

They hired us to upgrade their facility—we provided mechanical and electrical engineering services. Using thermal and energy modeling, we maximized the passive performance of the school. Some of the new features included were external roller blinds, a green roof, low-energy lighting, and heat recovery.

With more than 50% in energy savings, Marin Country Day received a LEED Gold Certification. But that was only Phase I. We were called back for Phase II—a library and classrooms. And, by adding a water conservation and low-energy cooling strategy, the whole project reduced its carbon footprint.

After the addition of Phase II, the project achieved a LEED Platinum Certification. Marin Country Day School is contributing to a brighter future by working in a better building and supporting brighter minds. 

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