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Memorial Sloan Kettering - New York Proton Therapy Center

Building the first proton therapy center in the State of New York

New York, New York

The first proton therapy center in the State of New York would be built by Memorial Sloan Kettering, but the site they had for it was a 49,360 square foot constrained location in uptown Manhattan between two existing buildings.

From project inception, we provided data and analyses relating to the architectural, engineering, shielding, and technology design for the new proton center, a three-story, 135,000 square foot facility. To overcome the space challenge, we used a logistics plan for staging and equipment installation. Coordination was essential from the outset, as the building design had to consider the critical locations for staging and equipment, which influenced layout.

The NY Proton Center will be a world class facility, providing proton radiation oncology treatment for patients in a healing environment—promoting a sense of well-being and comfort for patients. The glass façade bathes the interior in natural light, and the trees, natural materials, and small-group seating clusters create a sense of calm, fostering better outcomes for each patient.

A well-organized and efficient layout allows the doctors and technicians to work effectively, increasing throughput, which was an important consideration for owners given the extremely expensive equipment.

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