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Minnesota Vikings Stadium - Event Transit Plan

A new stadium, a new approach to transit

Minneapolis, Minnesota

When a new stadium was being planned for the Minnesota Vikings football team, Metro Transit saw an opportunity to draw fans to transit as their preferred travel method. Metro Transit was already planning to expand the light rail transit (LRT) system, but a comprehensive approach to accommodate queueing fans, buses, and LRT would make the system even better.

One challenge Metro Transit faced was the limit on the number of trains moving through the station adjacent to the stadium entrance. We helped prepare a transit schedule that addressed the direction of need, and we also created a model of exiting spectators that could be used to estimate queue lengths and times.

Bus and pedestrian traffic was also a concern. For that, we created a site plan to move pedestrians and buses to maximize resources while limiting impact on the LRT corridor. The plan included wayfinding signage for pedestrians and indicated the pedestrian zones and road closures required for an efficient stadium exit.

With the final product—a comprehensive site plan—Metro Transit is better prepared to manage staffing, temporary and permanent infrastructure, controlled crossings, bus storage zones, and localized wayfinding.

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