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Model Design Manual for Living Streets

We wrote (part of) the book on that

Los Angeles, California

What is the latest in street design? How do you provide flexibility with the existing street standard? How do you modernize an existing street manual? Take a peek at the Model Design Manual for Living Streets that was funded by the Department of Health and Human Services through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation. While its main purpose is to outline the objectives that the Los Angeles region aims to achieve in delivering their “living streets” goals including making the roadways pleasant for all users, it is also available to local southern California jurisdictions that may want to customize the Manual to align with their goals.

Our own Rock Miller  is an active transportation expert who co-authored the Bicycle and Liability chapters, as well as participated in the two-day public charrette program that encouraged important dialogue about realistic ways to achieve a balanced—safe and comfortable—street design, able to accommodate cars, pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. Add to that, the manual highlights elements to make our streets lively, dynamic, and environmentally sustainable.

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