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Mounds View Street Improvement Program

All roads lead to green

Mounds View, Minnesota

Mounds View is a quiet residential suburb in the Twin Cities Metro Area, a friendly neighborhood dominated by young families. However, the extremes of cold winters and hot summers wreak havoc on its streets – potholes, cracks and crumbling curbs. As well, the original road design saw stormwater go directly into the drainage system, washing debris and contaminants into nearby Spring Lake.

Mounds View city staff developed a nine year reconstruction plan for 30 miles of roadway that began in 2009. They called on Stantec to give them new ideas and technologies that would respond to residents’ concerns about water pollution. We started with the section of streets with the worst damage and transformed them with a design that was good for vehicles – and the environment. Working closely with City staff and the Rice Creek Watershed District, we incorporated storm water quality and infiltration features like rain gardens and stormceptor structures to prevent sediment, oil and debris from entering Spring Lake. Most of the aggregate torn up from the old road was salvaged and reused.

The work is continuing with up to18.5 miles of road reconstruction slated for 2013. Efficiencies have shaved one year off the original plan (now slated for completion in 2018) and the project is running $3 million below the 2007 estimate. Even better, residents will not be assessed additional tax levies – the city was able to get Municipal State Aid Streets grants that cover most of the costs.

The end result? New roads, a greener city, happy residents and an effective design that will continue to provide benefits well beyond the project lifespan.

Street and Utility Improvement Program

Increasing safety in the Mounds View community

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<p>Cristina Mlejnek (Stantec): Stantec and Mounds View have a very long standing relationship. We have a long standing relationship with a lot of communities in the area. The city realized that their infrastructure was aging and they wanted to improve the community and the quality of life and the vitality there in Mounds View by increasing the safety and reliability of the utilities and the streets there.</p> <p>Nick deBar (City of Mounds View): The street and utility improvement program was a 9 area program that includes 26 miles of street, $28 million program budget, it’s a very aggressive program, averages about 4 miles per year</p> <p>Cristina Mlejnek (Stantec): Stantec has been working on the street program since 2009, the projects from year to year are pretty similar, so we’ve gained a lot of efficiencies in that.</p> <p>Nick deBar (City of Mounds View): The community is extremely happy with these projects and the outcome of them.&nbsp; A lot of people have told me “I can’t wait until you do our street”.</p> <p>Cristina Mlejnek (Stantec): every now and then someone comes around with a call or an email expressing their appreciation and their thanks. And it really is rewarding in that respect because along the way it can be really tumultuous for some people</p> <p>Nick deBar (City of Mounds View): I would recommend Stantec in a heartbeat to my peers in other cities. They’ve been great to work with, highly skilled, highly technical staff, able to communicate in easy terms with the public, and just very willing to do whatever needs to be done for the city. And understanding what I’m faced with too, I have got a limited amount of money to do these projects including the program, and currently we’re running $3 million under budget and we’re about halfway through. I would not doubt that they would perform at a high level for any city or client that chose to use them.</p>

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