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MSD Emergency Response Plan Development Support

Protecting public infrastructure

Louisville, Kentucky

Serving about 750,000 people, the Louisville/Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District needs to be able to move quickly to protect its customers in the event of a disaster. As a proactive measure, MSD reached out to Stantec to help develop a disaster response and business continuity plan.

Stantec’s first step was to hold a series of interactive sessions with multiple MSD teams to identify areas of concern systemwide. The meetings discussed past incidents and resulted with identifying ten separate disasters (natural and man-made) that may occur in the future. Using this information, our team helped MSD develop a outline of how to prepare an emergency response plan (ERP).

Our team also developed an organizational chart that identified which employees would serve as part of MSD’s emergency response team and identified their training needs. Based on Louisville Metro Emergency Management Agency procedures and National Incident Command System guidelines, we created forms for MSD’s employees to follow during emergencies to expedite disaster response.

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