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Municipality of San Juan – El Morro Promenade Phase II

History back to 1493

San Juan, Puerto Rico

The El Morro Promenade is a national recreational trail (designated by the Secretary of the Interior) that connects the San Juan National Historic Site to the adjacent San Juan harbor. The San Juan National Historic Site is one of only 12 national park areas in the US to be considered a world heritage site.

And with so many historic elements and locations to visit (1.2 million people visit the site each year), the recreational trail had room to grow. Our engineers, architects, and environmental specialists designed a 2,000 meter expansion that runs through four areas including San Juan Maria Magdalena Cemetery, La Perla, Castillo San Cristobal, and Lomita Ios Vientos—ending at the Capitol Building Plaza.

We designed amenities that preserve historic elements like the walls of El Morro and used sustainable technologies such as wind mills and solar panels. A pedestrian loop along the coastal area of the Old San Juan Isleta traverses near a skate park and plaza, as well as the Maria Magdalena Cemetery.

Now, the San Juan National Historic Site and the El Morro Promenade have an even more convenient way to enrich the lives of their visitors. 

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