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Magnetics Facility Groundwater and Soil Cleanup

We investigated and addressed decades-old contamination, helping our client protect the health of local communities

Los Gatos, California

We helped our client deal with decades old groundwater and soil contamination after they were identified by the water board as a potentially responsible party for TCE soil and groundwater contamination.

We collected and analyzed soil and groundwater, then converted three soil borings to shallow monitoring wells. We excavated a former sump to determine the vertical and lateral extent of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), monitored groundwater chemistry, and evaluated a wide range of options to determine the right approach. Installation of two interior groundwater wells, soil excavation of the former sump area, and installation of a soil vapor extraction well and an in-situ chemical oxidation well were selected.

Our team dug down over 10 feet, eventually removing 50 cubic yards of soil for thermal destruction. Permanganate solutions were injected into the backfill and numerous groundwater wells were monitored. Our client needed to monitor indoor air quality and conduct sub-slab vapor sampling to evaluate if the interior air quality was affected by the partitioning of VOCs from the groundwater. 

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