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National Grid - Gardenville Station Rebuild

Environmental work clears the way for reliable electrical services

West Seneca, New York

When the Gardenville 115kV facility, National Grid’s largest station, experienced poor performance due to equipment malfunctions and deterioration, National Grid called on our environmental team. The job? Lay the foundation for a new substation by successfully obtaining all environmental permits and approval while also addressing community needs. Our diverse team of scientists, designers, environmental engineers, and landscape architects handled all the work in-house: efficiently and effectively. 

One major challenge was the presence of extensive wetlands on the site—in areas with electrical components that had to remain operational. To locate replacement wetlands (as wetlands cannot be placed under electrical components) we needed to get creative.

Our team found five small nearby areas that had potential for wetland mitigation. We negotiated with both the town and regulatory agencies on behalf of National Grid. Our design of the new wetlands and a 100-foot buffer created a new community amenity, mitigated the loss of the original wetlands, and successfully cleared the way for National Grid’s new substation project.

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