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New Hampshire Department of Transportation Fueling Facilities

More efficient and environmentally-friendly fueling facilities

Statewide, New Hampshire

To the fleet of New Hampshire Department of Transportation (NHDOT) vehicles that keep the highways plowed in the winter and maintained year round, fuel is important. It has to be available when needed. Making sure the fuel is available and stored in an environmentally responsible way is what our fuel system specialists do.

We provide support for fueling facilities throughout New Hampshire, designing both mission critical underground storage tank facilities and fleet fueling facilities. Maintenance of these facilities is also important, so we’ve helped develop statewide design standards, as well as a web based inventory, maintenance, and inspection management tool to help the NHDOT remain diligent in maintenance and in compliance with regulations.

Innovating new technology has also been important to the success of our relationship. We’ve designed external warning lights to more quickly warn users of environmental alarms, and implemented creative grading methods to keep stormwater out of fuel containment areas. We’ve also developed a fuels strategy which has improves the level of readiness and increased fuel storage capacity at certain sites.

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