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Northeast High School

60s era high school meets 21st century learning

Pasadena, Maryland

The 60s was a great time. It’s iconic in our history as a time of counterculture—where old things were torn down and new ideas were built up. It was also fifty years ago, which doesn’t lend itself to accommodating a state-of-the-art educational facility.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools decided that an overhaul of Northeast High School was called for. The first step was an interactive planning process with district representatives and the community. Enthusiasm was high, and so were expectations.

The renovations were so extensive that we split them into three phases. We upgraded the classrooms, science rooms, cafeteria, health suite, and tech lab. There’ll be additions to the language, fitness, and music wings.

Big ideas were called for at Northeast High School—and we helped the community build something new that will serve as a benchmark for educational facilities in the whole district. 

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