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NV Energy - Elko Remediation

Saving a historic building with a unique remediation solution

Elko, Nevada

We all take things for granted. When we flip a light switch or surf the internet, sometimes it’s easy to forget how power is generated. Nearly a century ago, a little powerhouse on the corner of 7th and Silver Streets in Elko, Nevada used six diesel fueled generators to provide electricity to this small western town. As newer and more efficient methods of generation became available, the little powerhouse was decommissioned. Unfortunately, the soil at the NV Energy property had become petroleum contaminated.

After careful evaluation, our team engineered a solution that would mitigate virtually all of the problems associated with a complete excavation. Using Geoprobe® technology, we were able to define the petroleum contamination plumes with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Next, we tapped each plume to inject ozone, coupling it with vacuum extraction. By pumping ozone directly into the contaminated soil and groundwater, a chemical reaction was initiated that oxidized the petroleum contaminants to carbon dioxide and water.

Stantec helped our client remediate a tricky challenge and keep a historic building intact.

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