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NYSDOT Biennial Bridge Inspections

Bridge inspections help ensure safety

Statewide, New York

Ever since we received our first contract to perform biennial bridge inspections for New York State Department of Transportation, our inspection teams have been called back again and again to perform biennial inspections, during which we inspect every bridge in the contract, and its components, every two years. These contracts typically include field inspections, inventory appraisals, load rating and life cycle analyses. When necessary, we issue structural and safety flags, sometimes recommending immediate repairs. Unlike years ago, when we did all inspection reporting by hand, now the work is done electronically. Our inspection teams conduct paperless inspections with laptop computers, digital cameras, scanner and printers, and the NYSDOT's Bridge Inspection Program – Pen Interface.

Our inspection teams have handled the full range of structure types and sizes, from single span stream crossings to major suspension bridges and their approach roadways, from structures over water and highways to structures over railroads and railroad yards. We have also inspected some of the most famous New York crossings, including the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queensboro and Williamsburg bridges.

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