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Ocean Parkway Emergency Repairs Due To Super Storm Sandy

Fast-track schedule

Long Island, New York

Ocean Parkway, originally constructed in the 1930s, was created by hydraulically filling areas in the barrier island to create a foundation for the parkway and for Jones Beach Park facilities. Fill was also used in several inlets to create one continuous barrier island in the area. Historically, erosion problems were minor; however, this trend reversed in the past 20 years with bigger storms creating severe episodic erosion. Over time, these major storms have resulted in flooding along the parkway, erosion of the protective sand dunes, and loss of sand requiring significant replenishment.

The most significant sustained damage to date came ashore with Super Storm Sandy. The storm surge and high tide resulted in significant flooding, failure of the parkway pavement, and damage to the sand dunes and beach berms with some areas losing the dunes all together. Our engineers created design plans to repair the damaged Ocean Parkway and Fire Island Traffic Circle to pre-storm conditions in a tight two week time frame. Design work included restoring damaged sections of roadway pavement, median, shoulder, signage, guide rail, and replenishment of adjacent protective sand dunes/beach berms.

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