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Ohio State University - Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering & Chem Building

Designed for collaboration between chemical sciences, engineering, and advanced scientific computing

Columbus, Ohio
Silver Certified
Stantec Architecture/Pelli Clarke Pelli

Leveraging our extensive experience designing university science buildings, we were precisely the right team to design this new 237,000 square foot building that reflects the University’s philosophy of collaboration. This was done by housing likeminded departments in one location and fostering interaction between disciplines, as well as between teaching and research.  

Our design provides a flexible architectural framework dedicated to cutting edge interdisciplinary research in the chemical sciences and engineering including chemical/materials synthesis and characterization, cell and tissue culture, and biological processing and characterization. To do this, the new building has research labs and support spaces, instructional spaces, core laboratories, and faculty and administrative offices.

For the building to meet the needs of our client and users, we established early on, in concert with Pelli Clarke Pelli, what the building’s design principles would be. To bring that vision to reality, creative and complex solutions were developed. The research spaces are modular in order to organize and support variations in group size, type, and instrumentation arrays. 

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