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Parksville Bypass Construction Inspection

Technology assists in bringing a complicated highway project to a successful conclusion

Parksville, New York

As prime consultant for the construction inspection, we faced numerous challenges. This included cutting a new, three mile bypass through mountain rock, navigating a number of environmentally sensitive areas, rehabilitating five existing and building 13 new bridges, and working with the community to improve their transportation and water systems infrastructure.

We brought creative thinking by embracing technology and having all field staff use GPS units and laptops. Encouraged by New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), putting this technology in the field enabled us to quickly understand, communicate, and organize each step of the job. This allowed the entire team to view a shared computer model of the site and use the GPS data to locate exact locations for excavations, clearings, etc. We were also able to use specialized software programs to make almost instant calculations of significant portions of the work, like pavement quantities and earthwork cut and fill volumes, virtually eliminating human error and remarkably expediting data gathering.

The project is one of the first in New York to use these technologies in such an integrated, extensive manner, setting a precedent for construction work for NYSDOT and helped keep our four year project on track.

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