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Pavement and Sidewalk Management Services - City of Boston

Long history, long distances

Boston, Massachusetts

Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and pets—everyone uses pavement and sidewalks. They form the arteries of our communities, and ensuring they are safe and accessible is critical to any municipal maintenance program.

We’ve partnered with the City of Boston Public Works Department on several maintenance activities, beginning with analyzing pavement management data and a complaint history database to develop a roadway and sidewalk repair strategy. The project evolved to include a city-wide GPS-located pedestrian ramp inventory as part of the City’s compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act. That 1,600-mile (2,575-kilometre) sidewalk inventory project mapped all accessible routes and prioritized capital improvements.

Most recently we provided evaluation of and pavement design for the largest roadway resurfacing program the City of Boston has ever undertaken. One that stretches 160 miles (257 kilometres) with up-to-the-minute knowledge of road conditions throughout the city thanks to our asset management program. We also updated the City’s street-opening rules and regulations for utility excavation in the public right-of-way.

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