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Petroleum Project Closure and Site Cleanup

Protecting water quality in communities surrounding an underground abandoned oil pipeline


When oil compounds were discovered in a residential water well located near an abandoned crude oil pipeline in a small Illinois community, the oil company turned to Stantec to help them determine the best way to address the environmental issues.

Stantec installed carbon treatment systems on 12 nearby residences to ensure each had a safe drinking water supply while remedial activities proceeded. Our team directed a video camera inspection of the pipeline’s interior to determine if any oil remained inside. We oversaw removal of water and residual product before grouting the pipeline in place, to eliminate it as a future source of any additional oil.

A remedial investigation was conducted to assess the extent of petroleum in the subsurface, as well as an evaluation of feasibility for a range of remedial alternatives to address any impacted areas. Stantec prepared a corrective action plan advocating surfactant technology after conducting tests in the laboratory and then at the site. In 2010, a new municipal pipeline was installed and the client helped these residents hook up to a permanent, clean water supply.

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