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Pittsfield Municipal Airport Runway 8-26

Providing a long term client with critical runway improvements

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

With over 20 years of service at Pittsfield Municipal Airport, we have designed Runway 8-26 Phase 1 & 2 improvements, addressing unique project challenges with specialized expertise. After nearly a decade of airport planning, environmental permitting requirements, financial feasibility assessments, along with significant public and regulatory agency coordination, this project will provide a 790 foot runway extension with taxiway turn around, improved runway safety areas, vegetation obstruction removal and obstruction lighting. This complex project was one of the largest general aviation airport improvement projects in Western Massachusetts in the past 30 years.

Challenges were everywhere, and we addressed them through extensive collaboration. A city owned recreation area had to be relocated and restored, as did 3,500 feet of local roadway and utilities. Not only did we mitigate wetland impacts, but we relocated and restored a 700 foot perennial stream. Rare and endangered plant species were transplanted while invasive species were eradicated. An adjacent hill was an obstruction, so we removed it, using 1 million cubic yards as fill for the construction of the safety area embankment.

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