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Purity Oil Sales Superfund Site - Remediation and Final Closure Planning

Groundwater and soil rehabilitation

Malaga, California

From 1934 to 1975, the rural farming community of Malaga housed an oil recycling center to help conserve and reuse petroleum resources. This exposed local groundwater and soil to oil and other contaminants. As a result, the site was declared a Superfund site.

To ensure access to clean water, Stantec and Chevron began an extensive cleanup and remediation project. We added calcium carbonate to raise the soil pH level from two to a more normal range of five to six. The soil was then capped to prevent any leaching of contaminants, and we are continuing to monitor the groundwater.

Chevron was delighted by our work and awarded us the next phase of the Malaga remediation project: improving the groundwater quality. We teamed with SAIC for this next phase and performed soil vapor extraction, removing contaminants from vacuuming them out through air or steam. As a result, the EPA found that soil and groundwater contamination had fallen to very low levels, and will continue to drop through natural processes. Chevron was so pleased with our unique and thorough water and soil decontaminate methods, they have entrusted us with similar cleanup projects around the country. 

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