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Pomeroy Bridge Over The Ohio River

New 1,910-foot long cable-stay bridge

Waggener, West Virginia

The Ohio Department of Transportation and the West Virginia Department of Transportation, working in conjunction with the Federal Highway Administration, designed and constructed a replacement for the US Route 33 Bridge over the Ohio River. The new approach roadway and bridge was subsequently renamed Ohio Route 833. The bridge is a cable-stay structure with two main towers near the river banks that allows vehicular travel between Pomeroy, Ohio and Mason, West Virginia. The main span between the towers is 670 feet long allowing for industrial barge and recreation boat travel along the river. 

We performed geotechnical exploration consisting of more than 45 test borings to collect samples of soil and bedrock. The results of these borings and laboratory testing performed on the soil and rock samples formed the basis for us to provide foundation recommendations for the bridge to be supported on drilled shafts socketed into bedrock. During construction, we executed an instrumentation and monitoring program to evaluate the integrity of the drilled shafts and the effects caused by reactivation of a deep-seated slope movement.  

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