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Prairie Rose Wind Farm

Helping meet Minnesota’s renewable energy goal

Pipestone County, Minnesota

From planting conceptual seeds to harvesting enough energy to power 60,000 homes, Stantec tilled the soil in all aspects of the Prairie Rose Wind Farm in Minnesota.

The idea of using wind to spin turbines that power generators and create energy is simple enough. But making it happen—this project large enough to keep 660,000 tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere—is complex and technical. That’s why we were chosen to manage the farm.

Civil engineers helped prepare the site and connect it to 33 miles (53.1 kilometres) of new access roads. Our geotechnical team handled exploratory drilling at turbine locations, and structural engineers provided turbine foundation analysis and design. Electrical system studies and design, and procurement support also landed on our farmhouse plate.

As the seeds grew into structures, we tended to the land, providing interconnect engineering services while supporting negotiations for a 115 kilovolt grid interconnect system.

Before harvest, we prepared load flow, thermal, and voltage studies for the collection system. The underground, 34.5 kilovolt system includes our work on grounding and conduit interface, and design of the fiber optic communications network.

Today, the Prairie Rose Wind Farm is feeding homes with the energy families need. That’s farming success.

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