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Proton Therapy Center of Qatar

Designing a cancer treatment center to needs and culture

Doha, Qatar

Designing for different cultures takes sensitivity, open-mindedness, and communication. When we were brought on to design a proton therapy center and educational facility in the middle east, our design worked to deliver our client’s vision while conforming to their patients’ customs.

To enhance patients’ response to the treatment provided, we created a comforting and healing environment, something familiar. The design is organized around an open courtyard inspired by traditional Islamic architecture. This created a building that is visually pleasing and relaxing and minimizes the intimidating presence of massive equipment. Further, the building has been designed to reduce energy consumption with strategies such as passive and active solar design elements, heat recovery, and various ground-source cooling concepts.

The proton therapy center, which includes two gantries and one fixed beam room, was designed to enhance patient throughput. Careful planning was required to place pre-treatment areas (which are gender specific to provide the privacy required by Islamic practice) to allow for efficient flow to the treatment rooms. In addition to the proton therapy center, the facility includes an auditorium, educational training rooms, support space, and a mosque, which faces Mecca. 

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