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Rite Aid Re-Development

Heading in the “Rite” direction

Multiple Locations, North America-Western States
Stantec / Prototype Architect: Rite Aid

Walking into your neighborhood drug store should be a welcoming event. You should feel like a guest, with a host who wants you to have the most pleasant shopping experience possible. Finding things easily, having room to browse, and a warm atmosphere are things you want when shopping.

Rite Aid has developed a world concept prototype building that gives their customers the feeling of being welcomed. They understand the value of customer appreciation and have changed their image to reflect their new identity.

Stantec is providing integrated design and engineering services to ensure consistency and commitment to their new image. We are involved with all phases from due diligence to design to construction administration. Our team enjoys a unique relationship with Rite Aid, which trusts us to make their customers want to come back to their stores.

In the end, shopping should be as easy as strolling through your own house.

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