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Ravenswood Kinowerks

Film technology and sustainable design meet in new production facility

Chicago, Illinois

After completing post production on two films in their Venice, California, studio, our client opted to purchase their building. Unfortunately, a price couldn’t be agreed upon, and they needed to come up with a new plan. Our teams had completed the original design of the EON space in Venice, so when the client decided to relocate to Chicago, they engaged us for design.

The goal? To continue their work in a socially and environmentally responsible pre- and post-production film facility.

Kinowerks started as a small timber manufacturing building, and we renovated it into a technologically advanced workspace. Our aim was to consolidate work and lifestyle in a sustainable and beautiful environment, encompassing the client’s technology requirements (Mac, PC, Micro station, and Avid systems at each work station) and production requirements (screening and recording rooms with enhanced acoustic qualities). The facility also included high-performance connections to Burbank, California, for simultaneous, real-time digital editing.

The new space supports the client’s extreme work rigor and their sustainability ethic in an advanced yet consistently comfortable work space. Now, the client was ready to work on their next project.

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