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Riverside Drainage Ditch Oak Park

Reducing flooding problems and controlling the flow of cash

Jeffersonville, Indiana

The Riverside Drainage Ditch serves as the central drainage collection system for over 300 homes and has had virtually no maintenance since its original construction in the 1970s.

A major overhaul was needed. We worked closely with Oak Park to assess the problem. A key finding: the original ditch was over-sized resulting in sedimentation and unstable channel conditions. Over time the combination of channel siltation and excess vegetation resulted in flow blockages that caused system back-ups throughout the region, affecting roadways and homes. To further compound the situation, numerous public utilities used the narrow multi-use easement which caused more instability.

Our solution combined traditional construction practices in conjunction with elements typically incorporated into natural channel design projects. The final design relied on extensive grading and excess sediment removal using a series of log cross-vanes as permanent grade-control structures. These features serve to control stream base flow, as well as provide a solid, permanent structure during high-flow conditions.

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