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Rolling Meadows Elementary School

Styled to be flexible

San Antonio, Texas

Bright and colorful. That’s the best way to describe Rolling Meadows Elementary School. That and flexible, sustainable, and built to suit its community. This new school fills the needs of a fast-growing population, and does it with style.

Over two floors there are six pods: groups of six classroom spaces (of the same grade) organized around an open flex zone. The classrooms have transparent, operable walls, and the clear sight lines and reconfigurable space encourage informal student to peer to teacher interaction. The flex space can be used for specialized lectures, week-long events like a writer’s camp, or large-scale formal testing.

Rainwater collection systems and photovoltaics make the building sustainable—and keeping those exposed allows for learning opportunities. From the science room, students can monitor energy through a display, helping them learn through a hands-on approach.

Regional materials and a design that drew inspiration from the annual Fiesta festival tie Rolling Meadows Elementary School into the community. And it’s not just for the students. After hours, the cafeteria and learning resources center are available to the public. Talk about flexible.

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