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Route 419 Town Center Planning Study

Breathing new life into an old mall

Roanoke County, Virginia

We helped the community reinvigorate a declining mall and the commercial corridor it anchors to turn parking lots and outdated buildings into a walkable new town center for the Roanoke Valley. Over 20 years, redevelopment will dismantle parts of the mall to add a pedestrian-friendly grid of streets, complementary new stores, and plenty of housing that responds to emerging market demands. The result? A new neighborhood with a strong sense of place where people of all ages want to live, work, and play.

Working closely with residents, businesses, and other stakeholders, we created a plan that protects commercial and cultural assets and adds a host of new connections—linking business to business, neighborhood to the Main Street, and the new town center to the region. As well, we coordinated a complete streets plan that turns a high volume highway into a lively, landscaped corridor that serves foot, bike and auto users equally well.

Seamlessly blending the corridor and the new town center, our plan responds to market demand, improves quality of life, and will boost economic performance by making the area more appealing to businesses and educated young workers.  

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