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Route 46, Route 23, and I-80 Interchange Improvements

How do you turn a spaghetti bowl into a gourmet interchange?

Wayne Township, New Jersey
  • New Jersey DOT

Lovingly dubbed the “Spaghetti Bowl” by the media, the interchange at Route 46, Route 23, and I-80 in New Jersey frustrates more than 300,000 motorists daily. It’s a complex interconnection of roadways, and it’s one of the busiest in the state. With capacity and operational deficiencies on top of poor physical conditions and safety problems, it was time to make some changes.

We designed the improvements to the I-80 Interchange, widening Route 46 at Galesi Drive and Route 23 near Willowbrook Mall and under the overpass. Fairfield Road was relocated, and access to existing driveways fronting the Routes was modified, bringing the driveways up to current code requirements.

All sign panels and 24 overhead sign structures were replaced to meet current standards. Nine bridges were reconstructed or rehabilitated. Three had to be widened, and six bridge superstructures were replaced to improve vertical clearance over the Interchange. Altogether, these improvements will provide a smoother, safer drive for more than a quarter million people—every day.

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